Vanguard Abeo Plus 283CB Carbon Fibre Tripod Kit with BBH-100 Ball Head

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The Vanguard Abeo Plus 283CB Carbon Fibre Tripod Kit with BBH-100 Ball Head delivers the unwavering support you demand with the versatility and ease of use you deserve. Its unique Quick Height Adjustment center column locking mechanism lets you instantly position your camera along the vertical axis with minimal effort. Simply flip the large lever lock open, adjust the central column to the desired height, and flip the lock back into place, securing your gear into position.
Thanks to its Tension Adjustable Leg Locks, Abeo Plus' legs will always stand strong, keeping your gear safe and secure for years to come. Over time, normal wear and tear can start to take a toll on ordinary flip locks, but with this Vanguard tripod, simply tighten the adjustable leg locks to the desired tension for peak performance.
Versatile feet ensure the ideal solution for any surface. Uniquely angled rubber feet for the perfect grip in studio or on hard ground; spikes to dig into and hold firm on soft terrain or ice; and a bonus set of snow and sand shoes to stand tall, even in wintery conditions or on the beach.
BBH ball head¥?s innovative Rapid Level System lets users instantly guide the camera level with the base for quick and perfect panorama. It also features a universal, 38-mm quick shoe release plate, and an anti-scratch coating on the ball for smooth movement.

  • Legs individually adjust to 25, 50 and 80-degree angles
  • Lightweight-yet-strong, diamond-woven carbon fiber legs
  • Anti-spin center column
  • Anti-shock ring
  • Accessory hook and low angle adaptor