Tokina 300mm F6.3 Reflex MF Macro Lens - Micro Four Thirds Mount

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The Tokina 300mm F6.3 Reflex MF Macro Lens is designed specifically for mirrorless compact cameras using the micro 4/3rds mount.

The 300mm focal length of the lens gives effective 600mm (in 35mm terms) when placed on a mirrorless camera body making it a super-telephoto lens. This allows distant subject to be brought in much closer. But despite this powerful focal length the lens is incredibly compact to match the size of the compact cameras it was intended to be used with.

The lens has a fixed f/6.3 aperture.

The Tokina 300mm lens has all metal lens barrels and very high quality glass optics to yield the best optical performance from a new of this design.

This lens has a wide grip area on the manual focusing ring and smooth movement to assist in focusing. This is not an auto-focus lens.


Focal Length 300mm
Maximum Aperture f/6.3
Minimum Aperture f/6.3
Construction E/G 13 elements / 11 groups
Coatings Multi-layer coatings
Angle of View 4 degrees 8 minutes°
Minimum Focus Distance 0.8m
Macro Ratio 1:2
Filter Size 55mm
Maximum Outer Diameter 55mm
Lens Width 55mm
Lens Length 66mm
Weight 298g
Lens Hood BH-552
Mounts Micro 4/3rds