Syrp Variable ND Filter Kit - Large

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The Syrp Variable ND Filter Kit - Large is your essential DSLR film-making and photography tool. Made with high-quality Japanese glass, the Kit comes with a 82mm Variable ND Filter, genuine leather case, two lens adaptor rings (72-82mm and 77-82mm) and a lens cloth. Create a creamy bokeh effect in your films or shoot glassy lakes and waterfalls for photography and time-lapse.


Variable Density 0.3-2.55
Exposure Reduce by 1 to 8.5 stops
Coatings Anti-reflective and protective coatings

Box Contents

  • 1 x 82mm Variable ND Filter
  • 1 x Genuine leather case
  • 1 x 77-82mm Step-up Ring
  • 1 x 72-82mm Step-up Ring
  • 1 x Syrp lens cloth