SMDV Hexagonal Softbox Flash Diffuser - 40cm

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The SMDV Hexagonal Softbox Flash Diffuser - 40cm is a great way to expand the capabilities of your external camera flash. This softbox flash diffuser is quick an easy to set up: just pop open the softbox, add the bracket and shoe adapter, mount on a lightstand and you're ready to shoot.

Using a softbox with your shoe-mounted flash will help to diffuse and to evenly distribute the light output of the flash. This will help to reduce those harsh shadows which are often the result of flash photography. Also included is a secondary internal diffuser, to minimise the possibility of hotspots. 

The included flash bracket is adjustable vertically, and features a universal shoe which is adjustable horizontally. These adjustments make this unit compatible with virtually all standard flash units, as well as radio receivers. In addition, for those receivers that do not feature a bottom shoe connector, the bracket shoe is removable to expose a male 1/4"-20 screw. 

  • Helps to diffuse and to evenly distribute the light output of the flash
  • Double diffuser creates very soft and even flash output
  • Universal fitting suits most flash units with standard hot shoe mount
  • Quick to set-up - ready to shoot in no time
  • Mounts on light stand, tripod, or cold shoe bracket
  • Carry case included