Phottix Multi Boom 28-inch Flash Bracket

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The compact Phottix Multi Boom 28-inch Flash Bracket mounts into a standard umbrella swivel, holds four flashes on axis, and innovatively enables umbrella-style softboxes to be tilted up to 180 degrees. The solid all metal construction is simple, strong and long lasting with lightweight 6061 machined alloy material, with hard wearing black anodised finish. The eye bolt handle grip provides easy access to a handle outside the softbox, as well as a point to attach battery packs or small counterweights. A single flash mount is included with the 28-inch version, allowing a single flash to be mounted centrally. Also included is an integrated short column that provides a compact bracket option.

Umbrella-style softboxes from Phottix and other manufacturers are great lighting modifiers. Easy to transport and use, fast to set-up – but there’s one big drawback: because of the design they are almost impossible to tilt on a traditional light stand. The Multi Boom bracket and arm eliminate this problem for fast-working photographers.

  • Mounts one or more flashes so that they are centred to the umbrella
  • Allows a full 180 degree tilt
  • Tilts softboxes up to 90cm in height or diameter
  • Mount the baseplate in multiple positions for different flash layouts, or lower centre of gravity.
  • Fast and easy set-up
  • Anti-slip foam handle for hand held use
  • Eye bolt handle grip provides easy access to a handle and a point to attach battery packs or small counterweights
  • Quickly folds flat and compact for transport
  • Single flash mount and carrying bag included