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Peak Design Long Clamping Bolts

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The Peak Design Long Clamping Bolts are a set of 2 long clamping bolts for Peak Design’s Capture (v2 models only), CapturePRO, CaptureBINO and Capture P.O.V., allowing the clip to fit around thicker straps. Recommended for straps that are thicker than 1.3cm. Made of anodized aluminium heads with stainless steel shafts, these tough bolts are weatherproof and built to last a lifetime. The bolts are an improved design from Peak Design’s v1 bolts - they feature a special head geometry that prevents Capture from loosening on your backpack strap during use.

Note: these are the same clamping bolts that come with the Peak Design PROpad, Capture P.O.V. and P.O.V. Kit.