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The Olympus LS-100 Music Recorder is the pinnacle of sound quality in the Olympus LS series of linear PCM recorders that continue to be praised for their excellent sound quality. The microphone and amplifier circuits have been completely redesigned to achieve superior frequency response and a maximum sound pressure level of 140dB SPL. The result is astounding sound of the highest quality. This model also comes with phantom power compatible XLR and standard phone combo jacks. With features such as multitrack recording/editing, metronome and tuner functions, this premium model will also meet the highest expectations of professionals and musicians.


Technology to achieve ultra high-quality sound
The microphone and amplifier circuits of the Olympus LS-100 Music Recorder have been completely redesigned to achieve superior frequency response and a maximum sound pressure level of 140dB SPL. The result is astounding, ultra high quality sound.

Newly designed high-performance directional stereo microphones with 90° layout
To get the most out of basic performance such as frequency response and directional characteristics, focus was placed on the size of the microphone casings and the shape of the openings. The left and right microphone units of the Olympus LS-100 Music Recorder are angled outward at a 90 degrees angle to achieve a stereo sound with a natural ambience.

Optimally designed microphone chambers reduce unwanted reflected sound
The Olympus LS-100 Music Recorder's optimally designed microphone chambers keep the production of unwanted reflected sound (noise) to a minimum.

Frequency response: 20Hz to 20,000Hz
The superbly designed microphones and circuits have a wide frequency response. The result of this is a recorder with rich sound quality that excels at reproducing low frequencies, such as the sound of bass drums and bass guitars.

High-quality sound amplifier circuit with low noise and high S/N ratio
To transfer and amplify the sounds captured by the microphones as faithfully as possible, Olympus' design focuses on sound quality in its signal processing circuitry. The amplifier components include independent low noise and distortion amplifier signals for the left and right channels. Eliminating cross-channel interference enables clear signal transmission and achieves a high signal-to-noise (S/N) ratio. Analogue circuits, which perform delicate processing of the electric signals that affect subtle nuances in the sound, include isolated power supply circuits. This reduces the minute interference from the power supply to help improve the S/N ratio. In addition, the boards for system control (digital) and audio have been separated to prevent interference noise and achieve low-noise signal transmission.

Impressive maximum sound pressure level of 140 dB SPL breaking the mould of conventional recorders
If sound that exceeds the maximum sound pressure level of the recorder is recorded, clipping will occur even if the recording level is decreased. Previously, measures such as moving the microphone further away from the sound source were required, however depending on the recording environment this would not always produce a good result. For that reason, we have made sure that the LS-100 achieves the highest maximum sound pressure level for a recorder of 140 dB SPL. This is a level that was previously unthinkable with conventional recorders. It means that the explosive sound of rock music or loud sound of drums can be recorded without clipping.

24V/48V phantom power compatible XLR and standard phone combo jacks
The LS-100 comes with 24V/48V phantom power compatible XLR and standard phone combo jacks. This means that you can connect a guitar, bass, keyboard, or other musical instrument directly to the LS-100. The recorder incorporates an independent instrumentation amplifier so noise is reduced to achieve a high S/N ratio even when a very long cable is used.

Independent adjustment of left and right recording levels
The recording levels can be finely adjusted even if different devices are connected to the left and right XLR/standard phone combo jacks.

Lissajous function for detecting and adjusting the phase difference of the left and right XLR microphones
This function automatically measures the phase distance to determine the distance between the microphones and the sound source for studio recording and other applications. You can adjust or reproduce the recording conditions by adjusting the position and orientation of the XLR microphones while checking the Lissajous waveforms.

Multitrack functionality brings fun to the creative process
Multitrack recording allows you to mix together multiple separately-recorded sound sources to create a single stream of sound. A class-leading maximum of eight tracks per project is possible. Now you can enjoy full-fledged song writing in an accessible format.

Multitrack recording and editing facilitates high-level recording
Multitrack recording allows you to mix together multiple, separately recorded, sound sources to create a single stream of sound. A class-leading maximum of eight tracks per project is possible. Now you can enjoy fully fledged song writing in an accessible format.

Other useful features

  • Add hifi sound to professional videos combined with hifi sound by connecting the LS100 to your camera 
  • Overdubbing for recording sound on top of existing recorded data.
  • Metronome function serves as a rhythm guide during recording and can also be used when practicing an instrument
  • Tuner function enables fine tuning
  • 4GB of internal memory and SD card slot supporting 64GB SDXC cards
  • Support for variety of recording formats MP3 and PCM up to 96kHz/24bit
  • Conversion of recorded linear PCM (WAV) data to MP3 in the recorder
  • Limiter and compressor function useful for preventing clipping during recording with manual level setting
  • Microphone 'gain' function for changing the input sensitivity
  • Low-cut filter cuts lower frequency sound at two levels
  • Pre-recording function for recording from two seconds before the start of recording
  • Playback speed adjustable between 50% and 400% without altering the pitch
  • Segment repeat function for playing back a section of a file repeatedly
  • Both AC/USB internal charging are available
  • Voice guide function for notifying of operating conditions by voice
  • Convenient file splitting function
  • Support for optional remote control RS30W
  • V-Sync.Rec for voice sync recording
  • Audio CD output function for connecting an external USB CD drive to the recorder and then writing recording files to CDs


Simultaneous recording of tracks Recorder Mode: 2
Multitrack Mode: 2
Simultaneous playback of tracks Recorder Mode: 2
Multi Recorder Mode: 8
Maximum recording file size Linear PCM format: 2GB
MP3 format: 4GB
Linear PCM format 96.0kHz/24bit, 96.0kHz/16bit
88.2kHz/24bit, 88.2kHz/16bit
48.0kHz/24bit, 48.0kHz/16bit
44.1kHz/24bit, 44.1kHz/16bit
MP3 format 320kbps
64kbps (mono)
Internal memory 4GB
SD card SD card (512MB - 2GB)
SDHC card (4GB - 32GB)
SDXC card (32GB - 64GB)
Metronome sound sources 2
Odd meter 1/1, 1/4 to 8/4, 6/8
Tempo 40 - 208 BPM
Tuner type Calibration, Chromatic, Guitar, Bass
Calibration range 435Hz to 445Hz (1Hz steps)
Linear PCM format (WAV) Quantization bit rate: 16/24-bit
Sampling frequency: 44.1/48.0/88.2/96.0kHz
MP3 format Bit rate: 320/256/128/64kbps
Sampling frequency: 44.1kHz
[AD/DA conversion] 16/24bit, 44.1/48.0/88.2/96.0kHz
LCD 2.0-inch colour LCD monitor
Built-in microphone Directional microphone
MIC/LINE input Mini stereo phone jack
MIC : Input impedance 10kΩ
LINE : Input impedance 12.5kΩ
XLR/standard phone inputs
XLR (balanced input)
standard phone (unbalanced input) combo jacks
XLR : Input impedance 10kΩ
Phone : Input impedance 10kΩ
EAR jack 3.5mm, impedance 8Ω or more
10mW+10mW (when 16Ω load)
Built-in speaker Built-in 28mm dynamic speaker 430mW (8Ω)
Phantom power 48V, 24V, and OFF; L/R channels: 20mA or less in total
USB USB2.0 High Speed mass storage operation, audio interface operation
Power supply Olympus lithium ion battery (LI-50B)
External power supply: AC adapter (A514) (5V DC)
External dimensions 159.0 x 70.0 x 33.5mm (excluding largest projections)
Weight 280g (including lithium ion batteries)