Olympus CSCH-125 Tracker Holder for TG-Tracker

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The lightweight and robust Olympus CSCH-125 Tracker Holder has specially been designed to fit for the Olympus TG-Tracker action cam. Featuring weather resistant material the holder provides protection against sand, rain and dust. Attached to a backpack or belt it allows quick access to the camera on the move. What's more it is equipped with a carabiner and quick-release spiral safety cord, which lets you pull the camera out of its harness without the worry that you could lose it - even if an unexpected movement means you have to let go. The camera can be stored in the holder on its own or with the Steady Grip attached. This optional accessory can be used even in the rain or seawater, making it perfect for shooting outdoor sports or in harsh environments.

  • Specially designed for the TG-Tracker
  • Steady Grip can remain attached
  • Can be used even when wet with rain or seawater
  • Equipped with a carabiner and spiral cord to keep it from being dropped