Olympus CSCH-123 Sport Holder - Blue

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The Olympus CSCH-123 Sport Holder secures your camera to a belt or backpack, and allows Sport mode shooting without having to remove the camera from the holder. When needed, the camera can be easily taken out with a single hand, and because it comes with a spiral cord, there is no need to worry about the camera falling. This accessory can be used even in the rain or seawater, making it an absolute necessity when shooting in harsh outdoor environments and is compatible with Stylus Tough TG-3, TG-4, TG-850, TG-860 and TG-870.

  • Power supply, shutter button and face button (only for TG-860/TG-870) can be operated even when the case is attached
  • Construction that makes attachment and removal of camera easy
  • Equipped with a belt to attach the camera horizontally or vertically
  • Can be used even in the rain or seawater
  • Equipped with snap link and spiral safety cord