Metz Mecabounce Diffuser MBM-02

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The Metz Mecabounce Diffuser MBM-02 attachment is ideal for challenging portrait photography. The white Mecabounce MBM-02 diffuser attachment produces a particularly soft and natural light, which is also suitable for shots with wide-angle illumination. The diffuser is easy and practical to attach to the corresponding flash reflector head.

The Mecabounce Diffuser MBM-02 is designed for the Metz flash units 52 AF-1 and 44 AF-1. As a special feature, the flash's integrated wide-angle diffuser can be pushed backwards using two pins mounted inside the diffuser attachments. As a result, the zoom position produces an optimum illumination for a focal length of 16mm.

  • Flash diffuser attachment for portrait photography
  • Designed for the Metz flash units 52 AF-1 and 44 AF-1
  • Produces a particularly soft and natural light
  • Easy and practical to attach