Manfrotto Snap Tilthead with Shoe Mount

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The Manfrotto Snap Tilthead with Shoe Mount is a versatile tilt head with cold shoe attachment compatible with all branded flashguns, it also incorporates an umbrella socket. A smart counterbalance mechanism prevents the flashgun from dropping along the stand, thus assuring maximum safety to the photographer’s equipment.

This tilt head introduces an innovative locking system which facilitates the set up to be completed in a matter of seconds. Place Manfrotto Snap Tilthead on the lighting stand and thanks to the innovative locking mechanism, the safety lock is automatically activated. Next, fix the tilt head by tightening the locking lever. Fixing the flashgun to Manfrotto Snap Tilthead is straightforward and quick, thanks to the smart locking ring. Open the shoes by unscrewing the ring and insert the hot shoe attachment of the flashgun. Lastly, secure the flash by screwing the locking ring.


Maximum loading capacity 1.5kg
Top attachment Standard cold shoe
Material Aluminium
Weight 0.25kg