Manfrotto MVA511FF Manual Follow Focus

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The Manfrotto MVA511FF Manual Follow Focus features a zero backlash mechanism (no play between FF and lens movement) that allows the operator to pull focus precisely. It has hard stops that can be used to select a focus range between two points when needed. The gearbox direction is changeable, as well as the position of the follow focus once mounted on the rods, so it can be used with different lenses. The hand wheel has a standard square socket for attachment. The MVA511FF can be mounted on all 15mm rods and it is perfect in combination with Manfrotto Sympla 2.0.

  • Zero backlash mechanism guarantees precise control of the lens
  • Hard stops available to limit the focus range between two points


Color Black
Material Technopolymer
Weight 480 g

Box Contents

1x 50 tooth/0.8 module drive wheel
1x Ø35 mm friction wheel
2x marking disks (one assembled and another in the box)
1x 3mm Allen Key
1x gear ring