Manfrotto 3N1-26 PL Sling Backpack

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The Manfrotto 3N1-26 PL Sling Backpack is a flexible, 3-way camera backpack versatile enough to be worn in a way to suit you, so as well as having a clever bag for all your kit, you can stay comfortably while you’re on the move. You can use it for just your photography gear, or section off the separate top compartment for your personal items too.

With padding throughout, this camera bag keeps everything safe wherever you go. Just a few simple tweaks and you’ll have all your kit organised in the exact way you need. It’s big enough to hold 2 photo bodies and up to 5 lenses, or even video kit like a Canon C100 with handles and a lens attached. You can keep your lens attached to your DSLR too, so you’ll always be able to react fast to a great photo opportunity.

A specially designed pocket holds your 10" tablet, the front panel has tuck away straps for your tripod, and a harness system with side release buckles gives you total freedom to adjust the bag. Change it up from a sling bag, to a backpack or even a cross backpack. It also comes with its own rain protector with a smart silver side for strong sunlight.

  • Flexibly carry as a camera backpack, sling bag or cross backpack
  • Compact and still big enough for 2 DSLR bodies
  • Side openings allow you to grab your camera quick
  • Includes a tucked away tripod connection
  • Comes with a protective shield for rain or strong sunlight


    Cabin Luggage
    The Manfrotto 3N1-26 PL fits the standard to fit as carry-on luggage (due to ever changing restrictions, check with your carrier prior to departure).

    External Tripod Connections
    This bag comes with the option and proper connections to attach your tripod externally. (Check the Manfrotto website chart for recommended tripods)

    Flexi Dividers
    These custom designed dividers have the option to fold out of the way when needed or to be pulled out to protect your equipment in special situations.

    Interchangeable Dividers
    Both modular and easy to use, these dividers allow you to custom fit the inside of your bag around your gear by creating the exact size compartment for your gear.

    Laptop Compatible
    Protect your laptop during transport in the compartment (see bag for exact sizes).

    Rain Protector
    The 3N1-26 PL includes a fold out protector which when installed creates a barrier between the wet outside and dry inside of your bag.

    Water Repellant
    The 3N1-26 PL also uses specially applied coating to the fabric which keeps resistant to moisture.

    Camera Protection System
    Manfrotto's CPS – Camera Protection System has been specifically engineered and laboratory tested to guarantee the highest level of protection and shock resistance where it really counts.

    Trolley Connection
    For easy wheel along transportation simply slide the designated strap connector over any standard trolley or luggage handle.

    UV Protection
    The silver side of the included rain protector will deflect direct sunshine and prevent your digital gear from overheating.


    Internal laptop compartment height 29.5 cm
    Internal laptop compartment length 22.5 cm
    Internal laptop compartment width 1.5 cm
    Internal height 42 cm
    Internal  length 23 cm
    Internal  width 16 cm
    External height 46 cm
    External length 26 cm
    External width 26 cm
    Weight 1.38 kg
    Colour Black and red