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Ideal for use as an on-camera diffuser or a small bounce card, the MagMod MagSphere instantly transforms the harsh light of your flash into a soft, omni-directional, bare-bulb light source.

  • Increases light-emitting surface by over 250%
  • Strong magnetic attachment for hassle-free shooting
  • Durable silicon rubber construction
  • Folds to fit in any bag
  • Integrated gel slot allows for up to 2 MagMod Gels
  • Attaches to MagGrip (sold separately) by two strong neodymium magnets


250% better than your bare flash

The MagSphere increases the size of your light-emitting surface by over 250% for a softer glow over a bigger area.

Takes a lickin’. Keeps on grippin’
Made from a solid piece of durable rubber, the MagSphere folds to fit in any bag. When you’re ready to use it, just pop it back into its original form. And with the power of two “rare-earth” neodymium magnets keeping it secure, it’s pretty darn tough to knock loose.

More bounce to the ounce
Use the MagSphere as a main light or bounce modifier - it’s the most versatile diffuser ever. As a bounce modifier, it efficiently projects light towards your subject through side walls to add additional fill light and round catchlights in their eyes.

Balance colour like a boss
The MagSphere’s integrated gel slot allows for up to 2 of MagMod’s polycarbonate MagGel filters to be inserted without the need for additional accessories or modifiers. No other flash diffuser is as practical or versatile when it comes to adding gels.

Have your cake. And eat it too
With its semi-transparent material, the MagSphere diffuses light beautifully - but much more efficiently than other traditional flash diffusers. You’ll lose less than one stop of light, versus 2-4x times the amount of light loss from other modifiers.

Longer battery life? Mind is blown
Since your flash doesn’t have to work as hard to pass through the MagSphere’s semi-transparent silicone material, you don’t have to crank it up as far as you used to. Now you can shoot longer while conserving battery power that used to get sucked up by other flash diffusers. Make your flash work for you, not against you.


Attachment Two neodymium rare-earth magnets for mounting accessories
Dimensions 12.7 x 8.3 x 6.4cm
Weight 218g
Material Silicone rubber

Box Contents

  • 1x MagSphere
  • 1x Carrying Pouch