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The MagMod MagBeam Wildlife Kit is a flash modifier kit geared towards wildlife photography, and includes the MagMod MagBeam, Tele-Lens and MagGrip.

Variable spotlight pattern. Tons of options. The Magmod MagBeam is the most unique, versatile, innovative and totally awesome fresnel lens flash modifier ever created for photographers. When fully extended, the MagBeam gives you super-focused light with a hard edge, similar to a stage spotlight. Collapse the MagBeam down one or two stages to create a wider beam pattern while retaining the beautiful shape and crisp edges. Its like having a Hollywood-style fresnel spotlight that fits in your pocket.

  • Super-focused light with a hard edge, can collapse to create wider beam pattern
  • Strong magnetic attachment for hassle-free shooting
  • Durable silicon rubber construction
  • Gives you up to 2 to 3 effective extra stops of useable light


2 to 3 stops brighter than your bare flash
Sometimes photographers need more "juice" from their speedlights, and the MagBeam is up for the job. It’s designed to give you up to 2 to 3 effective extra stops of useable light. This means more light at a greater distance, and your flash recycles 4 times as fast. Ya, its a big deal.

Supercharge your wildlife flash capabilities
With 2 to 3 stops of brighter light, you can use a faster shutter speed for sharper photographs. Go from 1/50s, to 1/200s, or even 1/400s, or lower your ISO speed to improve your image quality. Go from ISO3200 down to ISO800 or ISO400 will give you a dramatically cleaner image. You know this is huge.

Universally awesome
The MagGrip is a one-size fits-all band that stretches around almost every professional hot-shoe flash ever created, making it one small investment that grows with you and your business. Want to upgrade your flash later down the road? No prob. The MagGrip works with a variety of mixed flash brands, so you won’t need to upgrade all of your modifiers when you move up to a different size flash. You’re welcome.

Velcro is for grandma’s shoes. Not for speedlites
Gone are the days of fighting with annoying velcro, sticky adhesives, bulky straps or mad scientist DIY contraptions to secure modifiers to your flash. With two freakishly strong magnets embedded in the MagGrip, you can add and remove our magnetic modifiers in an instant. You’ll work more efficiently - and look like the professional you are.

MagMod modifiers are fast. Ninja fast
Each MagMod modifier has been whittled down to its simplest, yet most functional form. You can literally throw a MagMod modifier at your flash and it literally snaps into place, every time. It doesn’t get any faster than this.

Really freaking strong
Your modifiers need to do more than help you take great photos. They become an essential part of your camera bag and need to be able to handle the abuse that comes from the creative process. That’s why MagMod have built their modifiers as a single molded piece of high-quality silicone rubber that is not only incredibly strong, but securely grips your flash. With modifiers built so strong, you can worry less about your light modifiers and focus on what you do best, making incredible photographs.


Attachment MagGrip: Elastic band stretches over flash heads about 6.4cm wide
Mount MagGrip, MagBeam: Two neodymium rare-earth magnets for mounting accessories
Dimensions MagGrip: 8.9 x 5.4 x 4.3cm
Weight MagGrip: 113g
Material MagGrip, MagBeam: Silicone rubber

Box Contents

  • 1x MagGrip
  • 1x MagBeam
  • 1x Tele-Lens