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Kenko 82mm REALPRO ND8 ND Filte

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This Kenko REALPRO ND8 Neutral Density Filter decreases the amount of light entering the camera lens. This allows to shoot with wider diaphragm in bright conditions to achieve shallow depth of field and take advantage of fast prime lenses.

The Kenko REALPRO ND8 Neutral Density Filter present the highest quality of ND filters designed to use with latest DSLR high-sensitive cameras. Kenko REALPRO ND8 filters are recommended to use in portrait, video and nature genres during shiny day where widely opened diaphragm to prevent overexposure and achieve shallow depth of field is required to separate foreground object from background.


Anti-Reflection Multi Coating
Usually sensors of digital cameras are more sensitive than film. That’s why highlights can affect the image, creating unwanted effects due to light refraction in the lens. Filters, as they are also optical elements, can make the situation even worse. That is why filters need anti-reflective coating. Kenko REALPRO ND filters adopts anti-reflective multi coating to eliminate even small chance of unwanted flares and ghosts in the image.

Black Almite Frame
To reduce to minimum any unwanted reflections Kenko REALRO ND adopts black aluminium satin finish almite frame. Satin finish will increase friction between fingers and frame for quick Operation and satin black frame will minimise internal reflections.

UV Protected Case
Kenko REALRO ND filters comes with durable plastic case with UV-Cut function.