Joby UltraPlate Quick Release Plate

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Now you can use your favourite tripod and camera strap at the same time without the hassle of unscrewing either! Simply attach the Joby UltraPlate Quick Release Plate to your camera and then attach your strap to one of the plate's 1/4"-20 mounting holes. Tighten the hex screw completely with the included Allen wrench to keep your gear safe.

The Joby UltraPlate is built-in Arca-Swiss compatible which means you just slide it into your ball head and tighten down the screw. If your tripod isn't Arca-Swiss compatible, like the Manfrotto RC2 system, simply screw your favourite quick-release plate into one of the UltraPlate's extra mounting holes and you're ready to shoot! Also works great with most monopods, steadicams, flash brackets and camera straps.

The Joby UltraPlate is thin and lightweight - it doesn't add bulk to your camera setup, but provides a ton of versatility. The UltraPlate's mounting screw can move along a horizontal slot so you can shift the plate based on what gear you're attaching.


Designed for DSLRs, CSCs, professional video cameras
Compatible with Tripods, monopods, camera straps & other tripod screw mounted accessories
Weight 47g
Connection point 1/4"-20 standard tripod mount with 2 female 1/4"-20 mounting holes