Joby UltraPlate 208 Quick Release Plate

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The Joby UltraPlate 208 Quick Release Plate is a versatile, Arca-Swiss compatible extended quick release plate for DSLRs and other accessories.

Put gear where you want it! Use the eight 1/4"-20 mounting holes on the UltraPlate 208 to mount a flash, video, light, mic, or action camera/GoPro with a secondary arm (GorillaPod Arm or Locking Arm). The UltraPlate 208 has a 1/4"-20 mounting screw that can move along a horizontal slot so you can shift the plate based on your camera width and what gear you’re attaching. It also features a dedicated attachment point for hand straps.

Compatible with virtually any tripod or ballhead! The UltraPlate 208 has the universal Arca-Swiss style dovetail. If your favourite QR plate is not Arca-Swiss, you can still attach any tripod quick-release plate to one of the eight 1/4"-20 mounting holes.

This thin, lightweight and durable anodised aluminium baseplate adds minimal weight to your rig while providing numerous mounting options. The rubber grip surface and high-quality machined-aluminium provide a secure and positive connection between baseplate plate and camera.


Designed for DSLR, action video camera, flash, mic, etc.
Compatible with Tripods, monopods, camera straps & other tripod screw mounted accessories
Dimensions (W x H x D) 208 x 8.75 x 43cm
Weight 128g
Connection point

1/4"-20 standard tripod mount with 8 female 1/4"-20 mounting holes