Joby Action Clamp & Locking Arm with Mount for GoPro

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Finally get a shot of you in the action! Secure your action camera with the Joby Action Clamp & Locking Arm on a variety of places: a kayak, car window, railing in skateboard park and so on to get the most exciting footage possible.

  • Clamp and locking arm for action video cameras like GoPro, Contour, and Sony Action Cam
  • Comes with a Tripod Mount for GoPro and universal stainless steel 1/4"-20 tripod screw for Contour or Sony Action Cam
  • The sliding locking arm moves quickly to accommodate a surface as thin as a stop sign or a table up to 5cm in width
  • Two articulating ball joints let you position your GoPro at any angle
  • Lock both joints of the arm in place with the tightening knob for strong vibration-resistant stability
  • The Locking Arm can be screwed into either end of the Action Clamp


Designed for GoPro, Contour, Sony Action Cam
Weight Locking Arm: 40g
Action Clamp: 85g
Tripod Mount for GoPro: 8g
Dimensions Locking Arm: 51.3 x 22 x 112.7mm
Action Clamp: 69.1 x 32 x 129.6mm
Mount for GoPro: 30.7 x 31 x 27.5mm
Connection point Universal 1/4"-20 tripod screw and removable Tripod Mount for GoPro