Jinbei JB-613D Foldable Photographic Table - 60 x 130cm

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The Jinbei JB-613D Foldable Photographic Table is ideal for small to medium product photography, ecommerce shooting, still life, art objects or food. At 60 x 130cm you'll be able to photograph vertical objects without seeing the top of the shooting surface. Folding legs integrated into the design elevate the translucent Plexiglas sheet, allowing you to backlight it and light from underneath as well as from the front. The shooting table sets up and breaks down quickly - simply slide each end of the Plexi under the tabs built in for that purpose and start shooting.

  • 60 x 130cm
  • Translucent white plexiglas sheet
  • Folding legs
  • Freestanding design
  • Fast, easy setup and breakdown