HPRC 2400 Hard Case with Cubed Foam

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The HPRC 2400 Hard Case can be used for all sorts of applications and different areas: photography, industrial, military, nautical, police and many others. The HPRC 2400 Hard Case provides total protection to the equipment inside against dust, water, impacts and corrosion for chemical agents.

Most hard watertight cases are made in standard PP; HPRC’s R&D department has developed an enhanced compound, still based on PP, now balanced with additional high performance resins. HPRC’s unique TTX01® material allows to produce cases lighter in weight, stronger in robustness by adding a special mix to make the walls of the HPRC shell more elastic and thinner, increasing the shockproof degree and decreasing weight. On the top of that, maintaining PP characteristics, HPRC hard cases are acidproof, scratchproof, able to resist extreme weather conditions and temperature changes (all the sizes are tested from -40°C up to 80°C).

  • Innovative HPRC compound: crushproof, extreme weather/climate proof, acid corrosion proof, non-conducting, lightweight
  • Outstanding robustness: tight closures, reinforced hinges and corners, stainless hardware
  • Hermetic behaviour: O-ring and pressure adjustment valve
  • Ergonomic padded handle
  • Includes high density adaptable foam


Internal dimensions (W x H x L) 375 x 265 x 152mm
External dimensions (W x H x L) 405 x 330 x 165mm
Empty weight 2.05kg
Temperature rating -40°C to +80°C
Materials TTX01 / PA66 / SEBS / PA66GF30 / ALU / Stainless Steel