Hoya 72mm Pro1D UV Filter

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This digital multi-coated Hoya Pro1D UV Filter absorbs the ultraviolet rays which often makes outdoor photographs hazy and indistinct. A multi-purpose, all-weather filter that can serve as a permanent lens protector.

This Hoya UV filter uses the highest quality heat-resistant tempered glass, which creates a smooth, clear image. This filter cuts out all range of UV rays to give an astounding sharpness and clarity without the least affect on colour balance. Constant use for lens protection is recommended.

  • High-quality optical glass ensures excellent image quality
  • Digital multi-coating greatly reduces the appearance of lens flare and ghosting caused by reflections
  • Features a black matte aluminium satin finish almite frame which reduces reflections
  • Equipped with black rimmed glass to reduce the chance of light reflecting off the edge
  • Ultra thin filter frame helps avoid vignetting on super wide angle lenses but still holds a lens cap
  • Straight knurling edge for non-slip, easy attachment and removal
  • UV protected case to further lengthen the life of the filter