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Haida 58mm PROII-S MC Super Wide-angle Variable ND Filter

Haida 58mm PROII-S MC Super Wide-angle Variable ND Filter

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The Haida PROII-S MC Super Wide-angle Variable ND Filters feature an anti-reflection coating that helps to increase light transmission by reducing reflections, scattered light, and ghosting. The coating offers greater protection to the filter substrate and the optics can stay cleaner for longer than uncoated filters. The Rapid Deploying Ring design increases the amount of friction and assists for easier removal and installation of the filter.

The PROII-S Variable ND Filter allows you to dial in differing amounts of density scene to scene. Providing a reduction of 3 to about 10 stops (ND8 to ND1000), this filter allows you to control depth of field and shutter speed for increased creativity. The PROII-S does not affect colouration of your image. On all Haida Variable ND filters, the front thread has been designed to be wider, to reduce the risk of vignetting when additional filters are added.