Haida 100 Series 3-Slot Filter Holder

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The Haida 100 Series 3-Slot Filter Holder has 3 slots allowing Haida 100 Series filters to be stacked to create different effects. The 100 Series is suitable for full frame lenses above 17mm focal length***. The Holder will fit lens front element sizes from 52mm to 82mm** with the use of Haida’s metal adapter rings*.

The Haida Professional Square Filter System allows photographers to use square filters as opposed to traditional screw-type circular filters. The square insert filters are compact, fast to use and interchangeable. Storage is easy via the Haida filter pouch or in suitable camera kit bags. These filters are ready to use at every photo shoot. For photographers who demand equipment that can handle high duty cycles, the Haida Insert Filter system is constructed from durable high quality materials, providing reliable long term use.

*Haida metal adapter rings for each series are sold separately and are required to attach the holder to the specific lens front element diameter.
**Available sizes: 52,55,58,62,67,72,77,82mm.
***For lenses wider than 17mm, the 150 Series is necessary.

  • Designed for full frame lenses, with no vignetting at 17mm focal length (8mm focal length for APS-C lenses)
  • 3 slot aluminium 100mm filter holder designed to hold Haida or other brand square filters at 100mm width
  • Fits lenses from 52 to 82mm with Haida metal adapter ring*
  • Includes Carry Case for 100 Series filters and Guide Screws