Giottos CL1011 Cleaning Kit

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This environmentally-friendly Giottos CL1011 Cleaning Kit is a must for anyone who takes their optics seriously. This cleaning kit helps keep your lenses and other valuable optics in tip-top shape and free from fingerprints, smudges and other environmental contaminants.


Micro-fibre magic cloth
Quick and efficient cleaning for grease, fingerprints dust, smudge marks, etc. It's super soft and safe for optical surfaces, no sticking fibres after use. Use either wet or dry; same performance after washing. Excellent performance on camera lenses leaving no streaks as well as for AV devices, cell phone screens, discs, glasses, computer screens, jewellery, etc.

Retractable brush
Made from soft goat's hair, ideal for cleaning digital cameras, lenses, viewfinders, LCD screens and keyboards. Also suitable for cleaning analog cameras, telescopes, binoculars, etc.

Cotton swabs with paper shaft
Made from 100% cotton with a blunt end and a pointed end for cleaning corners. Perfect for cleaning optical equipment, especially camera and video finders. Any dirt or dust remaining in the corners is easily removed.

Multi optical cleaning solution
This multipurpose cleaning solution is suitable for use on all the cameras, DV, lens, DISC, computer, mobile, PDA glasses and for all LCD screens. PH 6.5 medical grade ingredients, quick and efficient cleaning of grease, fingerprints, dust, smudge marks, etc. and safe for optical surfaces.

Kit Contents

1 x Multi-optical Cleaning Solution - 65ml
1 x Large Magic Cloth
1 x Retractable Brush
10 x Cotton Swabs