GGS Larmor Universal 3" LCD Screen Protector

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The GGS Larmor Universal 3" LCD Screen Protector is a sheet of 0.5mm ultra-thin optical glass used to protect your camera's LCD monitor. The glass features 6 layers of protective material that protect your display screen from dirt, scratches, sweat and oily fingerprints.

  • Designed for cameras with a 3-inch 4:3-ratio LCD monitor
  • Made from ultra-thin optical glass - only 0.5mm thick
  • Touch and swivel screen friendly
  • Anti-wear, anti-scratch surface
  • Tight and reusable thanks to 3M pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Doesn't leave glue residue after removal
  • Anti-explosion layer makes it possible to bear about 12kg/cm¥_ elastic pressure and minimize the damage of LCD screen due to unexpected collision