Gary Fong Lightsphere Universal Half Cloud

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The Gary Fong Lightsphere Universal Half Cloud flash diffuser delivers incredibly flattering, studio-quality light while eliminating the need for bulky flash brackets and umbrellas. If you've used the original Lightsphere or Lightsphere-II, you'll find the Lightsphere Universal creates the same great soft portrait light that you love with the addition of an innovative, patent-pending mount that is guaranteed to stay on! Simple and compact, yet incredibly effective, the Lightsphere Universal is sure to be one of the "must have" flash accessories in your gear bag.

It will transform the way you use your on-camera flash. The Lightsphere Universal comes with one WhiteDome (Inverted Dome), designed to maximize the efficiency and spread of light from your Lightsphere Universal, but can also be used for custom white balance. The Lightsphere Universal accepts existing Lightsphere accessory domes, including the AmberDome and the ChromeDome- for even greater functionality.

The Half-Cloud model gives you flattering light at a greater working distance.