Gary Fong Dramatic Lighting Kit

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The Gary Fong Dramatic Lighting Kit is for the photographer who wants unlimited versatility for achieving nearly any effect anywhere, at any time. This kit consists of two Speed Snoot Collapsibles (with PowerGrids), a Colour Gel Kit, and a custom Gear Bag for easy storage.

The Speed Snoot boasts a newly designed mounting system for quick, easy attaching and detaching along with a collapsible design for easy storage. This two Speed Snoot setup is my personal favourite choice for creating dramatic portraits using two off-camera speedlights. The Speed Snoots blocks light spill and help you keep complete control.

Use one Speed Snoot as a main light and the second as a hair light along with a Colour Gel for high-impact portraits.

The colour gel tabs fit directly inside, giving you the ability to create dramatic background lighting, dramatic hairlight, or by using radical custom white balancing techniques you can actually change the colour of the entire world around your subject. Turn any environment into a professional studio in a matter of seconds, giving you the ultimate in creative control