Fujifilm M Mount Adaptor

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Fujifilm's M Mount Adapter allows the use of a wide variety of M Mount lenses on the X Mount camera body. It is built with a three-part structure that uses optimum materials for each of the components, to accommodate perfect fitting with high precision. The adapter also features electronic contacts for communicating signals with the camera body and a function button to allow users to easily choose necessary settings and functions (Shoot Without Lens, focal length settings, various image corrections, etc.). * The bright frame, shown in the Optical Viewfinder mode, changes according to the defined focal length for easy shooting. **

* Requires a user firmware update
** The frame may not be displayed for lenses of particular focal lengths


Model Name Fujifilm M Mount Adapter
Weight Approx. 65g
Dimensions 59mm x 14.7mm
Accessories Included Gauge for confirming lens compatibility
Owner's manual