Cokin H3H3-21 P Series Expert Neutral Density Filter Kit

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The Cokin H3H3-21 P Series Expert Neutral Density Filter Kit is designed specifically for APS-C mirrorless or DSLR cameras with normal zoom lenses. Aimed at the enthusiast photographer, this Expert Kit gives you all the essentials tools required to make great images. The four most popular adaptor rings are included along with the filter-holder so you can start shooting right out of the box.

The included uniform ND4 filter reduces the quantity of light that reaches the sensor – or the film – increasing the exposure time. This filter has 3 main practical applications: emphasising the flow of movement, reducing the depth of field, and avoiding overexposure.

Graduated ND filters that also come in the kit are used to reduce the contrast difference of a composition. They allow for a well-balanced image; they are the filters most used by landscape photographers to yield both harmonious skies and detailed foregrounds at once. With these filters, images which are impossible to obtain in digital post-processing can be created. The neutral density filters are also currently used in filmmaking and video to maintain a constant shutter speed for example.

The Cokin H3H3-21 P Series Expert Neutral Density Filter Kit includes:

  • 84 x 84mm P153 Neutral Grey ND4 Filter
  • 84 x 100mm P121M Graduated Grey G2 ND4 Filter
  • 84 x 100mm P121 Graduated Grey G2 ND8 Filter
  • P Series Filter Holder
  • 52, 55, 58, 62mm Adaptor rings