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Cokin Nuances Neutral Density ND2 Filter

Cokin Nuances Neutral Density ND8 Filter

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The Cokin Nuances Neutral Density ND8 Filter is part of the Nuances Series, Cokin’s range of mineral glass Neutral Density flters. Nuances filters redefine what neutrality means when talking about Neutral Density (ND) filters. Cokin has developed a new coating process to ensure an uniform colouration. A nano metallic alloy is applied on both side of a highly resistant tempered Schott Glass B270, renown for its high transmittance and low reflection. The result is a stunning neutrality, completely free of infrared pollution. Multiple Nuances filters can be stacked without colour cast. Nuances filters are dedicated to long exposure outdoor photography or depth of field reduction, especially in filmmaking.


Compatibility Cokin Z-Pro Series Holder
Dimensions 100 x 100mm
F-Stop 3
Transmission 12.5%
Density 0.9
Base (1/1000s) 1/125s