Cokin BX100 X-Pro Filter Holder

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The Cokin X-Pro Filter Holder is a rectangular plastic filter holder that has three slots, one for Cokin X-Pro rotating filters and two for rectangular. The holder features a Ring Locker System that ensures that the holder can be secured in a certain position and the filter is kept parallel to the lens or loosen it to allow the holder to rotate freely. The X-Pro System adapter rings cover sizes from 62-112mm, Hasselblad's B60, B70 and Rollei's B6. The X-Pro Series System has a vast choice of over 90 different filters measuring 130 x 170mm that are particularly suited for today's ultra-wide angle lenses.

  • Holds X-Pro filters which are the largest size on the market
  • Holds two filters at once
  • Features exclusive Ring Locker System
  • Reversible for polariser use
  • Reduces the risk of vignetting when shooting using super wide-angle lenses