Cokin 49mm Snap! A-Series Creative Filter Starter Kit

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Designed to fit a new mirrorless Compact System Camera or small DSLR, the Cokin 49mm Snap! A-Series Creative Filter Starter Kit will introduce you to the Cokin creative galaxy. This unique filter system combines a rotatable filter holder and a slip-in filter, which is attached to the lens via a simple adapter ring of the appropriate size. Unlike screw-thread circular filters, which are each tied to lenses of a specific diameter, the Cokin Creative Filter System can be used with any lens, provided they are large enough to cover it sufficiently. Only the adapter ring may need changing when you buy a new lens.

The Cokin Snap! A-Series Creative Filter Starter Kit includes all you need to begin: a ring, a filter holder, one creative and one technical filter. Start shooting, now! With dozen of creative or technical filters, you can experiment with thousands of combinations. Your only limit is the size of your memory card.

The included A153 Neutral Grey Filter is an ND4 that reduces the amount of light coming into the lens by 2 stops. Colour isn't affected - hence the "neutral" part of the name. Even in daylight, shutter speeds can be long, allowing moving subjects as diverse as flowing water, rippling water surfaces, rustling foliage, people and vehicles to become soft blurs ... or even disappear entirely!

The A198 Sunset Filter, which also comes in this kit, can be used to add vivid colour and interest to otherwise bland skies, sunrises and sunsets.

Box Contents

  • A-Series Filter Holder
  • Adaptor Ring - 49mm
  • A153 Neutral Grey Filter
  • A198 Sunset Filter
  • User Manual