BlackRapid Sport Left Breathe Camera Strap

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The BlackRapid Sport Left Breathe Camera Strap: shoulder pad built with nylon mono mesh, curved TPE foam and poly air mesh, adjustable length nylon webbing with buckles. Includes integrated underarm stabilizer (BRAD), connector (CR-3), connector cover (Lock Star) & fastener (FR-5) hardware and a polyester dust bag.

  • Cross-Body Left-Handed Users 
  • Places Camera Upside-Down Against Waist 
  • Allows Easy and Fast Access to Camera Nylon Webbing, Adjustable Length 
  • Moisture-Wicking, 4.0"-Wide Shoulder Pad 
  • Spring-Loaded Bumper Locks for Camera 
  • Durable, CR-3 ConnectR Locking Carabiner


Length 167cm
Pad Width 5.5 - 9.5cm
Material Shoulder Pad: Nylon, foam rubber, polyester
Webbing: Nylon
Buckles: Plastic
Camera Bumper Locks: Plastic
Locking Carabiner: Brass and zinc alloy