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3DR Solo Drone with 3-Axis Gimbal for GoPro

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The world’s smartest drone is also the easiest to fly. With features like pushbutton flight and computer-assisted Smart Shots, the 3DR Solo Drone makes it easy for anyone to get professional aerial photos and video. Solo is powered by two 1 GHz computers for the best and smoothest aerial photography experience imaginable, including many world-first technologies and a host of built-in safety and support features. And it’s the only all-in-one drone to offer live video streaming in vivid HD from your GoPro directly to your mobile device - at ranges up to half a mile. Solo requires a smartphone or tablet (not included). This kit includes the 3DR Solo 3-Axis Gimbal for GoPro for Hero3+ and Hero4.


The world’s first smart drone
What makes it smart? Not only does the 3DR Solo Drone have the world’s most advanced Pixhawk 2 autopilot system, but it also runs two 1 GHz computers, one on the copter and one in the controller, connected via a powerful dedicated Wi-Fi signal carried by 3DR Link. This processing power enables Solo to do amazing things that no personal drone has ever been able to do.

Helpful brain science-y analogy
You can think of these computers as Solo’s “frontal cortex” - the most advanced part of the brain. They handle all of Solo’s high-level functions, like Smart Shots, HD video transmission and exclusive GoPro control features. The autopilot - traditionally a drone’s only nerve centre - now works sort of like Solo’s “brain stem,” responsible solely for the basic rudiments of flight. By splitting up the work like this, Solo dramatically reduces the likelihood of mechanical failure in flight and opens up a world of possibility for adding advanced capabilities and features.

Advanced capabilities
The 3DR Solo’s intelligence makes it possible for beginners and pros alike to capture professional-grade shots from day one. Its powerful and one-of-a-kind computer-assisted Smart Shots allow you to set up the exact shot you want, then let Solo execute the shot with the precision of a seasoned cinematographer; and with a list of Smart Shots to choose from, the perfect shot is always just a few taps away. Solo is also the first all-in-one drone to offer live streaming of HD video from your GoPro directly to your mobile device, as well as built-in HDMI for live broadcast in HD.

Smart Shots
Cablecam: Lock Solo onto a virtual cable between any two points in space. Now you can freely pan and tilt the camera on your known-safe flight path, or let Solo memorise your first and last frames and smoothly pan the camera between them for you - all you have to do is tap “play.” Orbit: Solo can automatically circle any subject of your choosing, keeping it perfectly framed to capture an iconic “wrap-around” shot. Adjust the circle’s radius to get the exact shot you want, even midflight. Selfie: With one touch Solo will fly up and away from you, keeping the camera centred on you so the scenery around you expands in a dramatic aerial pullout shot. Then Solo will reverse that shot as it comes back to you, landing right where it took off.

Follow me
Go completely hands-free! Solo can follow wherever you go, automatically keeping the camera on you to capture your every move.

Other cool features

For beginners and pros alike
Solo’s computers make flying easy for beginners and pros alike. Smooth and powerful satellite-guided flight ensures Solo’s position is always accurate, and Smart Shot modes keep Solo locked onto predetermined flight paths. It’s also got that great new video game-style controller for a feel that’s reassuring to any user. Plus the controller features one-button flight controls: Take off, land and return home automatically. And if you panic, don’t worry: There’s the pause button.

GoPro mount
Solo is built to maximise the GoPro experience. Solo works closely with GoPro in order to give you the best aerial photography experience imaginable. Together they came up with the world’s first gimbal that offers direct in-flight access to the GoPro controls: With just a click of a button on the controller, you can now start and stop recording and snap the exact photos you want during your flight - or change the GoPro settings from within our mobile app. Additionally, Solo is the world’s first drone that offers plug-and-play live streaming HD video from your GoPro directly to your mobile device. Solo even comes with The Frame from GoPro, pre-installed with vibration isolation, so you can get a beautiful HD video stream hassle-free, right out of the box.


Flight Time 20 minutes; 15 minutes with payload
Range 0.6 miles (1km)
Max Speed 55 mph (89 km/h)
Max Ascent Speed 10 m/s in Stabilized mode; 5 m/s in FLY mode
Max Payload 800g
Max Altitude 400 ft (122m) per FAA regulation, user adjustable
Motors 880 kV
Propellers 10 in. (24cm) diameter 4.5 in. (144cm) pitch self-tightening; glass-reinforced nylon propellers
Autopilot Software APM on Pixhawk 2
Hd Media Link 3DR Link secure Wi-Fi network
Radio Frequency 2.4 GHz
Weight 3.3 lbs. (1.5 kg) / 3.9 lbs. (1.8 kg) with GoPro® and Solo Gimbal
Dimensions 10 in. tall (25 cm), 18 in. (46 cm) motor-to-motor
Flight Battery 5200 mAh 14.8V DC Lithium Polymer
Battery Charge Time ~1.5 hours
Controller Battery 2600 mAh 7.2 Vdc Rechargeable Lithium Ion