Canon Mirrorless Cash Back 2016

If you purchase an EOS M3, EOS M10 or standard mirrorless kit between 2nd June 2016 and 28th August 2016 from CamBuy Camera Store you may be eligible for cash back.

To claim your cash back:

Input your details including full name, valid email address, bank account details (to receive an EFT transfer) OR postal details (to receive a cheque); AND
Upload a copy of your receipt OR mail a copy of the receipt together with a printed copy of the claim form to “to “Canon Mirrorless Cash Back, PO Box 706, Eastern Suburbs MC, NSW 2004” in time to be received by last mail on 28 October 2016.

Cash back will be received within 30 days from Validation. For any queries please call 1800 722 229.

For full Terms and Conditions and a detailed list of cameras and standard kits (that constitute a single eligible product/cash back) please visit