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Sigma WR Ceramic Protector Filters are Now Available from CamBuy Camera Store

Posted by Gary Jenei on

Sigma WR Ceramic Protector Filters

Featuring new type of glass called Clear Glass Ceramic, the Sigma WR Ceramic Protector is a highly reliable filter with outstanding protective capability.

With over 10x the strength of a conventional protective filter, this tough Sigma WR Ceramic Protector filter is highly shock-resistant and scratch resistant. Comes standard with Sigma's WR (water repellant) anti-reflective coating.

  • World’s first: highly shock-resistant and scratch-resistant clear glass ceramic protective filter
  • 10x the strength of a conventional protective filter and 3x the strength of a chemically hardened glass filter
  • Optically clear ceramic glass offers extremely high transmittance
  • Water-repellent (WR) coating reflects only 0.24 percent of visible light, thereby minimising flare and ghosting.

The Sigma WR Ceramic Protector Filters are now available from CamBuy Camera Store in the following sizes: 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm, 86mm, 95mm, 105mm.

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